Comprehensive stain and odor removal

Stains and odors in your home or business,  do not make a good impression. They leave a lasting impression on your visitors but they actually provoke health concerns. When odors are present, there’s  bacteria and mold hiding in your carpet, floors, and upholstery. Parsons Pro Cleaning alleviates those ugly stains and foul-smelling areas your home or business.  Make your home and business clean and fresh by calling Parson’s Pro Cleaning Carpet and Tile.

Cleaning carpet stains in your home and office

We pre-treat and neutralize each stain, by using our high-quality equipment. We treat foot traffic, all kinds of spills, vomit, pet feces and urine. We deodorize the worst smells.You can trust our locally owned and operated business to deliver the best results. To ensure all work is done properly, our owner is on-site at every job.

Hot water extraction, the most effective carpet cleaning method

Parsons Pro Cleaning uses a two step hot water extraction method to clean carpets. First, a heated carpet cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet fibers to loosen dirt. Secondly, a high powered hot water extraction and pH balancing fiber rinse are used to remove dirt and odors. Using these two steps leaves your carpet fresh and clean. This method is recommended by carpet manufacturers.

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