Amazing Client Testimonials

“We called Parsons Pro Cleaning and they did a great job. They were professional, and accommodating. I recommend their company.” – Mac

“Hey Jeff! The Scotchgard works. I spilled Gator Aid and it came out after I wiped it up. You were awesome and the price was fair…thank you.” – Shawn C.

“Our granddaughter crawls everywhere. We felt the carpet was pretty clean. After Pro Carpet cleaned, I was surprised how dirty it actually was. The carpet looks brighter. I recommend Jeff. He was friendly and on time.” – Linda K.

“The nicotine smell and stains in our rent house were shocking, even to us. We have been renting for years. Parsons Pro was recommended by our friends. They pretreated and cleaned the rest of our flooring. Then hit the carpet. I was sure we would have to replace the carpet. Parsons got all the stains up and odor was gone. I will use Jeff in the future. He worked hard and was pleasant the entire time.” – Leta E.

“Parsons Pro was able to come the day we called. Our perfect dog, who never has accidents was having a problem. Jeff got the stains up and the smell was gone. Jeff suggested that a vet might understand what was going on with Chip. We called the vet and discovered he was diabetic. We are back on track, thank The Lord. Jeff helped us out of a smelling spot. We appreciate you caring about our dog, Jeff.” – Sharon T.

“We arrived home late from the airport. I drug my luggage up the stairs. The next morning I had black on my stairs from the wheels of my luggage. Jeff ran by on his way to another job and took care of the problem. He cleaned our carpet a few weeks ago and he didn’t charge me anything. I am your customer for life. Thank you. I recommend Parsons Pro.” – Tela G.

“We purchased new granite in all our bathrooms. We love it, but the tile in our shower looked dull and old. Parsons Pro Cleaning arrived on time and cleaned our shower and marble floors. They looked new and matched our new granite. Very professional and they understood the job we required. The job looks better than we expected.” – Tracye B.

“We rarely use our movie room. We bought a new sofa and the large rug looked like two different colors when we moved the sofa. Parsons Pro cleaned our rug now it matches and looks new. We appreciate the care you took moving our furniture to get to our rug. I am happy to leave a recommendation.” – Bobbie F.

“We made an appointment with Jeff to clean our hardwood floors and back splash by our stove. Jeff was professional and great with our son. I will use him again.” – Newman R.

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